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Backwoods Jalapeno Bacon Cure and Seasoning Makes 25 Pounds of Meat 26 Oz 9136

by LEM
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Backwoods Jalapeno Bacon Cure 26 Oz 9136

Make breakfast extraordinary and sandwiches extra heavenly by curing your own homemade bacon. There's just something about that spicy, savory combination of jalapeno, pork, salt, and smoke that makes your mouth water and your stomach growl. Makin' bacon at home is simpler than you'd think, and Backwoods Jalapeno Bacon Cure is here to make your job even easier! One of these 26 oz bags seasons 25 lbs of meat. Cure packet included. Grab some pork bellies and get smokin'!

Seasoning Ingredients: Salt, Spice, Sugar, Garlic Powder, Spice Extractives and Less Than 2% Silicon Dioxide Added to Prevent Caking

Cure Ingredients: Salt, Sodium Nitrite (6.25%), FD&C Red # 3 (for color) and less than 2% Silicon Dioxide as a Processing Aid


• Spicy, savory combination of jalapeno, pork, salt, and smoke
• Adds rich, delicious flavor to your bacon
• Makes 25 lbs of meat wet and 20 lbs dry
• Cure packet included
• Net wt: 26 oz (737.1g)