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Prime Time Spices' Unicorn All Purpose 12 oz. Seasoning For Any And All Meats

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Prime Time Spices' Unicorn All-Purpose 12 oz

A Unicorn is said to be something that is highly desirable but difficult or even impossible to obtain. That was true, until now. 20 years of experience in the backyard and on the competition circuits have produced what we can only call a Unicorn. We’ve procured the finest and rarest ingredients from all corners of the globe and nestled them into this one bottle.   Strong enough to stand alone or add a magical layer to any flavor profile. Please see below for more features and specifications.

Features And Specifications

• Great Tasting Seasoning For Any Meat Dish
• Apply Directly To Meat Pre-Cook For Ultimate Flavor
• 0 Calories Means It Tastes Good And Is Good For You
• Second Step Of The "Prime Time Proprietary Blend"
• 12 oz. 0 Calorie All Purpose Rub