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Mr. Bar-B-Q Old Barrel Red Wine Barbecue Smoking Chips 05040BC

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Mr. Bar-B-Q Old Barrel Red Wine BBQ Smoking Chips 05040BC

Some of the world's best red wine is aged in oak barrels. As the wine ages, its flavor and aroma seep deep into the wood. When the wine is removed, its rich character stays in the wood. Now, Mr. Bar-B-Q has turned those red wine barrels into barbecue smoking chips — so you can infuse those flavors into your next cookout. Made from real red wine barrels, try imparting this unique product of Spain gourmet flavor today. For best results, follow instructions on the packaging and enjoy!


• Bring something new to the grill with BBQ red wine chips
• Made from real red wine barrels — these are sure to give any variety of foods unique added flavor
• Approximately 360 grams of chips packed in a resealable bag
• Soak, smoke, and enjoy
• Product of Spain