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LEM 5.8 oz Backwoods Sweet & Hot Jerky Seasonings For 5 lbs of Meat 9153 1 Bag

by LEM
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LEM 5.8 oz Backwoods Sweet & Hot Jerky Seasoning 9141 1 Bag

Sweet & Hot Jerky Seasoning starts with a little kick and ends with a little sweet. Backwoods Jerky Seasonings have been delighting tastebuds since 1991. With the easy to follow instructions and pre-measured cure in every package, all your meats will be saturated with great flavor every time! Marinate strips or mix with ground meat, even pair it with LEM's famous Jerky Cannon for delicious results. Use this seasoning for wild game and domestic meat.


• Remove all sinew and fat. For best results, use a cut from the hind legs.
• Cut meat into strips 8" long and 1/8" thick.
• To make the entire 5 lb. package at one time, dissolve the entire seasoning and cure packets into 2-1/2 cups of water for 5 pounds of meat.
• To make smaller batches, dissolve 4-1/4 teaspoons of seasoning, a scant 1/4 teaspoon of cure (1.1g), and 1/2 cup of water per pound of meat in a glass bowl.
• Place strips of meat in the bowl and marinate for at least eight hours in the refrigerator.
• Remove strips from marinade (discard remaining marinade) and place in oven or dehydrator.