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Kosmos Q Soak and Brine Turkey Brine Mix 16 Oz Bag KOS-TURKY

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Kosmos Q Soak and Brine Turkey Brine Mix 16 Oz Bag KOS-TURKY

With Kosmos Q Turkey Brine, your traditional turkey dishes will be enhanced, turning them into a mouthwatering explosion of savory, smoky-sweet flavors for a unique experience that your tastebuds will crave! Enjoy whole birds, legs, and breast pieces that are fall-apart juicy and overloaded with sweet, savory goodness. If turkey isn’t your meat of choice, the versatile flavor of this soak also works great with chicken, pork, shrimp, and other meats! Turkey Brine gets you AMAZING TURKEY every time. Add moisture and flavor to any cut of poultry! With Kosmos Q's easy-to-use instructions, you'll get extraordinary results with any poultry. This is Turkey Brine mixes in seconds and will not fail you when it comes to enhancing moisture and flavor. Us it for smoked turkey, oven-roasted turkey, frying a turkey, and any other turkey you can think of. To mix, just add the prepackaged mix to your choice of water or broth, and blend well to fully incorporate. Soak the whole bird in a covered container in the refrigerator, breast side down. Then rinse well and air dry (covered) in the refrigerator for four to six hours. All you have to do now is bake, smoke, or fry!


• A 1-pound blend of signature spices mixed with moisture-retaining components to form savory, smoky-sweet flavors
• Simply mix the package with liquid — such as water, broth, or favorite juice — enough to cover the bird.
• For best use results, follow the instructions on the packaging
• Enhances the flavor and moisture properties of turkey and other poultry
• Award-winning, and proudly made in the USA