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Hardcore Carnivore Camo Seasoning 10.5 oz Game and Lamb BBQ Rub

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Hardcore Carnivore Camo Wild Game And Lamb Seasoning

Hardcore Carnivore Camo is Jess Pryles' wild game and lamb seasoning. It's a bolder seasoning blend with fragrant spices and just the right amount of salt, designed to complement more robust meats. While Camo is incredible on venison, it's also amazing on the pork. Hardcore Carnivore Camo is gluten-free, has no MSG, and has no artificial colors. Please see below for more features and specifications.

Features And Specifications

• Hardcore Carnivore's Wild Game Seasoning
• Great On Wild Game, Lamb, And Pork
• Designed To Compliment Robust Meats
• Gluten-Free, No MSG, No Artificial Colors, And Low GI
• Made In Austin, Texas