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Genuine Scotch Barrel Smoking Wood BBQ Chunks Midwest Barrel Company

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Midwest Barrel Company Genuine Scotch Barrel BBQ Smoking Wood Chunks

Smells like a smokin’ good time! Hand cut by a Midwest Barrel Co. team member, these genuine scotch barrel smoking chunks will add character and complex flavors to the meats and other foods you smoke. This premium scotch variety of smoking chunks comes from authentic barrels straight out of Scotland. Try a batch of Midwest Barrel Co. Genuine Scotch Barrel BBQ Smoking Wood Chunks for your next smoking day or grilling adventure. To use, add several chunks to a smoker tray — or a smoker box or foil in the grill.


• 2.5 lbs of authentic scotch barrel wood chunks
• Made from retired scotch barrels from Scotland
• Hand cut by a Midwest Barrel Co. team member
• Adds character and complex flavors to your smoking or grilling creations
• Can be used in your smoker or grill