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FireBoard Temperature Probe 6' Foot Cable Non Threaded Thermistor SANT311T

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FireBoard Ambient Temperature Probe Non Threaded Thermistor SANT311T

This non-threaded temperature probe provides accurate temperature readings in hot and cold environments. Easy to mount inside of an oven, grill, cooler, or freezer (with optional probe clip - sold separately), the SA311T Probe is a 100K Thermistor with a Temperature Range of 0 to 572°F (-18 to 300°C). Featuring a 6 ft. cable length, 2.5mm audio connector, 2 1/4 inch long probe, 4mm diameter.


• Provides accurate temperature readings in hot and cold environments
• 6 ft. cable length
• 2.5mm audio connector
• 2 1/4 inch long probe
• 4mm diameter probe