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Crown Royal Premium Whisky Barrel Cooking Chunks Rich & Robust Flavor CR-CHUNKS

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Crown Royal Premium Whisky Barrel Chunks CR-CHUNKS

Aged to perfection in white American oak barrels, Crown Royal whiskies are ones to keep close by. During this process, the wood imparts the flavor of vanilla, caramel, and oak into liquid, producing a harmonious balance of flavor. When the barrels are emptied, the distinct of Crown Royal is left behind in the wood. Now you can infuse the rich and robust flavor of Crown Royal into your next barbeque.


• Chunks from authentic Crown Royal whisky barrels
• No additives! Just 100% wood from retired whisky barrels.
• Gives food distinct vanilla, caramel, white oak flavor. Great for all meats, cheese, and vegetables.
• Easy to follow instructions on the packaging.
• Perfect for charcoal, gas barbecue, or smoker barbecue.