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Crawford's Barbecue 10.4 Oz BBQ Burnt Beef Rub Smoky Flavor San Antonio's Best

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Crawford's Barbecue 10.4 Oz BBQ Burnt Beef Rub

Crawford's Burnt Beef Rub offers the award-winning flavor your beef recipes have been missing.

This competition-tested BBQ beef rub has been formulated to add a light smoky flavor to any cut of beef - brisket, chuck, round, and more. This beef rub offers the savory flavor of salt with a kick of black pepper heat. Burnt Beef Rub is not an ordinary salt and pepper rub, it also adds extra beefy flavor to meats as it has natural beef flavor blended in. This award-winning seasoning is made of all-natural ingredients. To best preserve and keep this seasoning fresh, keep stored in the refrigerator or freezer.


• Light smoky flavor
• Formulated to enhance any cut of beef
• Savory with a hint of heat from black pepper
• Gluten-free, all-natural
• Net wt: 10.4 oz.