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Cast Iron Smoker Pot Wood Pellet Smoke BBQ Grill Barbecue BBQrs Delight

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BBQr's Delight Cast Iron Smoker for Grills

The BBQr's Delight cast iron smoker pot is the perfect solution to turn any grill into a smoker. Simply place the smoker pot on top of your charcoal, put a few teaspoons of smoker pellets in, place the lid on and let the smoking begin. Just 1/3 of a cup of pellets will keep your grill smoking for up to an hour and to release more smoke, simply turn the lid upside down and place it back on the smoker. This is a great addition to the grill for anyone that is interested in getting that great smokey flavor without investing in a new unit.


• Simple Easy and Clean BBQ Smoking
• All Natural, No Unhealthy Additives
• Real Wood Smoker Pellets
• Sturdy Cast Iron Construction
• Turns Any Grill Into a Smoker