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Alfa Ovens ALLEGRO Model 39" Wood Fired Pizza Oven Yellow FXALLE-LGIA-T

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Alfa Ovens ALLEGRO Model 39" Wood Fired Pizza Oven Yellow FXALLE-LGIA-T

This Alfa Allegro Countertop Wood Fired Pizza Oven is sure to exceed all your outdoor oven and pizza-cooking needs AND make an incredible impression when entertaining. Allegro is the largest oven model in Alfa’s Forninox range. Allegro's dimensions are (W/D/H) 46.6"/40.2"/58.7" — and the oven floor is (W/D) 39.3" x 27.5". Its size and features are not unlike commercial ovens and are designed to meet the daily needs of family and friends when wood-fired cuisine is on the menu. Satisfy your guests by cooking up to 5 pizzas at once in just 90 seconds! This oven's design is not only sleek and sophisticated but also highly functional. The cooking floor of the unit contains interchangeable refractory brick to offer unmatched heat retention inside your oven, making it the perfect choice for more than just pizza. Make meat recipes, vegetables, or even baked goods with ease. The included pyrometer helps track temperature in the oven's chamber, allowing for more simple and direct control over your cooking environment, while the wood handle door allows you to adjust the airflow and control your fire. Ceramic fiber insulation maintains long-lasting warmth and cuts wood consumption down to a minimum. The stainless steel dome is designed to rapidly reach operating temperature. Transform your bread and pizzas — and so many other recipe possibilities — up to a professional standard with the Alfa Allegro Wood Fired Pizza Oven. YOU are the pizza chef! Che Buono!


• Wood-fired pizza from the comfort of home
• Oven floor dimension (W/D) 39.3" x 27.5"
• Made in Italy compact and portable design — (W/D/H) 46.6"/40.2"/58.7"
• Reaches operational heating temperature in just 20 minutes
• Cooks up to 5 pizzas in 90 seconds
• Great for other outdoor cooking and recipes