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ALFA Cover for Ciao M with Base For Full Coverage Outdoor Protection CVR-CIAO

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ALFA Cover for Ciao M with Base

This Alfa cover for the Ciao pizza oven provides a premium cover accessory for your Alfa pizza oven. Alfa covers are form-fitting and designed to protect your cooking equipment from the elements when not in use. The premium cloth construction is waterproof, breathable, thermal, and UV resistant. This cover can be used with any wood or gas-fired oven, and works perfectly for any Alfa model oven!

Features and Specifications

• Premium Cloth Cover That Ensures Your Ovens Cleanliness While Not In Use
• Cover Is Made Of Waterproof, Breathable, Thermal, And UV Resistant Material
• The Technical Fabric Protects Ovens From The Atmospheric Corrosion and Normal Wear And Tear
• Easy And Quick To Fit As This Cover Is Custom Made
• Alfa Suggests Pairing This With A Closed Space Or Canopy Especially In Winter Months