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ALFA BBQ 500 3 Piece Set For The Perfect Mix Between Baking Grilling And BBQing

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ALFA BBQ 500 3 Piece Set

The Alfa BBQ 500 is the kit to cook in a very special way! It combines a mix between baking, grilling, and barbecuing. This is a flexible cooking device with unparalleled results made possible by combining different baking modes. The rotary grill surface means that while using tongs cooking on with this kit is a breeze. This BBQ kit can be used with all Alfa home ovens and in all wood and gas-fired ovens! This kit is tough being able to withstand up to 1000°C!

Features and Specifications

• Flexible Cooking With Unparalleled Results Made Possible By Combining Different Baking Modes
• Cooking Is Easier With The Rotary Grill And Tongs
• Can Be Used In Both Wood-Fired And Gas-Fired Ovens
• Compatible With All Alfa Home Ovens
• Can Withstand Very High Temperatures (Up To 1000°C)
• No More Smoking Nuisances For Neighbors And Guests Thanks To The Action Of The Chimney Flue