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1 Gallon Chops Power Injector System With Plastic Adapters For Easy Injection

by Chops
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Chops Power Injector System 1-Gallon

This is Chop's Power Injector Systems the 1-Gallon. Chop's 1-gallon is one of the best ways you up your game! Take the pain and suffering out of injecting. Save more time!! Comes with small 14 gauge 2-inch needles, 3 plug screws, and 2 replacement plastic needle adapters. Closed Tip Needles are recommended for some injections. Please see below for more features and specifications.

Features and Specifications

• 1-Gallon Power Injector
• Great For Injecting Spices Into Your Favorite Meats
• Comes With 14 Gauge 2-Inch Needles
• Comes With 3 Plug Screws And 2 Replacement Plastic Needle Adapters
• Manual Pump Injector