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The Otto Wilde Steel Grill PRO Portable Steak Grill Award Winning 1500°F 200196

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The Otto Wilde Grill PRO Portable Steak Grill Award Winning 1500°F 200196

From the genius of Otto Wilde…Steakhouse hot, steakhouse fast — at 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit! Everyone loves a great steak. But is there anything more difficult to grill at home than a sizzling, melt-in-your-mouth steak...just like the kind you get at a high-end steakhouse? The reason is most grills are not capable of achieving the extreme temperatures needed to sear a steak quickly and give the steak a delicious, flavor-sealing crust. With the all stainless steel Otto Wilde Grill PRO, you can cook juicy, tender, and flavorful steakhouse-caliber steaks right in your own backyard. The secret behind a perfect steak? 1,500° Fahrenheit! The OverFire Burners cook from above, causing no flare-ups or nasty charring. Bring steakhouse technology to your backyard with the Otto PRO Steak Grill. 1,500 degrees of intense grilling heat via propane for perfectly cooked meat, steakhouse caliber — every time! It can also grill any other number of creations limited only by the chef's imagination — seafood, fish, burgers, veggies, and molten desserts will be a grilled masterpiece on your Otto PRO. The grill includes a gas hose regulator, stainless steel drip tray, cast iron grill grate [12.8" x 10.4"], multi-purpose "clever lever," drip tray tongs, 2 separately adjustable burners, stageless grate height adjustment, removable top (for cleaning), and Otto's grill drawer. Otto PRO dimensions are W-16.7"/D-17.3"/H-11.6".


• Extreme 1,500° F temperatures — radiant heat technology (via LP gas), seals in flavor and moisture
• Achieves 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit in just 3 minutes — allowing perfect-sear steaks to be quick and easy
• Overfire burners eliminate flare-ups and grill the perfect steak (and other foods too)
• Portable, durable, and reliable all stainless steel outdoor and camping grill
• Otto PRO dimensions are W-16.7"/D-17.3"/H-11.6"