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Smoking Gun 16 Oz. Jerky Marinade Smokey Wild West Hickory Flavor

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Smoking Gun 16 Oz. Jerky Marinade Smokey Wild West Hickory Flavor

One 16-oz bottle of Smoking Gun Jerky liquid marinade added to 5 pounds of meat will make your own mouth-watering jerky, using Smoking Gun’s unique blend of spices and seasonings, combined with your own choice of meats. You can use domestic beef, turkey, or chicken, or you can go with any wild game. Be it deer, elk, antelope, goose, turkey, duck, or any other wild game — you'll be pleased with the results. Even though we’ve never tried it, it's probably even good on road kill! Just follow the easy directions on the bottle label, and before long you’ll be fighting off fellow carnivores to defend your bounty! Smoking Gun Jerky marinade is also a great all-purpose marinade and is a favorite on pork chops and chicken on the grill. Mix it in with ground beef for tasty burgers on the grill as well. Easy and delicious!


• Great marinade for beef, turkey, and chicken
• Excellent marinade for use in making jerky
• Superb marinade for deer, elk, antelope, goose, duck — any wild game
• Half-gallon (64 Oz.) will season approximately 20 lbs of meat
• Flavor can be adjusted to your preferences based on recipe and additional ingredients