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Smokin Guns BBQ Sweet Heat Seasoning 5.5 Oz Bottle

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Smoking Guns BBQ Sweet Heat Seasoning 5.5 Oz Bottle 04001-SmokingGuns

Smokin' Guns BBQ Sweet Heat Seasoning is a great way to add delicious flavor and wow to your favorite barbecue recipes. This smokin' blend of spices was created by Smokin' Guns who've won numerous blue ribbons and championships including the Jack Daniel's World Championship Invitational Barbecue Contest. Perfected during years of competition, this sweet heat rub is great on pork, beef, or chicken, and will wake up and please your taste buds. Use as a rub before, seasoning during, or even a condiment spice after food preparation and cooking. It's delicious on anything you choose!


• 5.5 ounces of delicious all-purpose BBQ Sweet Heat seasoning in a keep fresh bottle
• A blend created by award-winning Smokin' Guns BBQ of Kansas City
• Add robust flavor to any meats or vegetables
• Flavor notes of chili, brown sugar, garlic, and secret spices
• Proudly made in the USA