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Smokin Booty Rubs 3 Pk KC Style Memphis Style & Carolina Style Dry Rub Gift Box

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3 Pack BBQ Spot Smokin Booty Rubs Gift Box Set

Why settle for the same old butt when you can have a smokin’ one? These BBQ rubs feature only the best rubs from Kansas City, Memphis, and Carolina. The perfect gift for the man of the house, this gift pack includes KC Butt Spice BBQ Rub, Pig's Ass Memphis Style Rub and Rub Some Butt Carolina Style BBQ Rub. Grill like a champion with this sweet, smoky KC Rub when generously rubbed onto pork, beef, or chicken will give the award-winning taste for which KC is known for. The Memphis Style blend has just enough sweet to balance the spice which is ideal on steaks, pork, chicken and seafood. Enjoy the Carolina Style rub on pulled pork, ribs & Chicken. Reminiscent of the best BBQ Flavors found at the roadside BBq shacks of the deep south. Rub it, shake it, marinade it…give your booty a little help!


• 19.2 Total Ounces
• Kansas Style Butt Spice - Famous for this sweet smoky flavor on butts, breasts, and ribs
• Memphis Style Pigs Ass Rub - Known for the flavor of vinegar, chili, garlic and paprika, this rub is perfect for pork butts & ribs
• Carolina Style Rub Some Butt BBQ Rub - Mustard and vinegar flavor blended with savory spices for the best pulled pork in the country
• 3 Pack Gift Box Set