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Royal Oak Charcoal Pellets 20 lb Bag Charcoal Hardwood Water Resistant

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Royal Oak Charcoal Pellets 20 lb Bag 100 Percent Charcoal Hardwood

Royal Oak took the lessons they learned from decades of producing Royal Oak Hardwood Lump charcoal and brought them to your pellet grill! You can now enjoy the same high heat and authentic BBQ flavor with extra convenience. Plus, this pellet is water-resistant, so no more clogged augers. Don't be fooled by other pellets that claim to be charcoal pellets — they are frequently only charcoal blended pellets. Royal Oak Charcoal Pellets are 100% Charcoal.


• Authentic BBQ Flavor — Only 100% charcoal hardwood pellets deliver that authentic BBQ flavor you know and love
• Water-resistant — These pellets are water-resistant so don’t worry about anymore clogged augers from regular wood pellets
• Burns hotter — Get the high temperatures and heat you need to sear in that authentic BBQ flavor
• 100% charcoal and nothing else — The only 100% charcoal hardwood pellet available in the market today. No fillers, no additives, no coatings
• Safe for all pellet grills — Royal Oak 100% charcoal pellets are safe for all pellet grills on the market — including Traeger, Pit Boss, Weber, Camp Chef, RecTeq, and Green Mountain Grills