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Pit Boss Wing Rack Stainless Steel For Wings, Drums and Flats Easy Clean Up

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Pit Boss Wing Rack

Holds 12 wings, drums, or chicken thighs. Cooks each piece evenly without the hassle of flipping and moving individual pieces. Lower grease pan catches drippings and eliminates flare-ups. With this rack there are easy clean-ups. And it's 100% dishwasher safe and the wire rack collapses for secure storage. Never risk ruining a batch of wings again with the Pit Boss wing rack! The wing rack hangs your chicken wings, to prevent sticking to the grates, and helps avoid flare-ups with the handy attached drip pan. When you’re done, the wing rack easily folds away for convenient storage. No mess, no fuss. Make mouthwatering chicken wings like a boss. Care instructions: dishwasher safe. Materials: stainless steel.


• Lower Grease Pan Catches Drippings And Eliminates Flare-Ups
• Super Simple And Easy Clean Up
• Dishwasher Safe Design To Help With Clean Up
• Holds Up To 12 Wings, Drums, Or Chicken Thighs At A Time
• Wire Rack Can Collapse For Secure And Tight Storage