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Pit Boss 15" Inch Pizza Stone for Grills and Ovens Ceramic 70137

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Pit Boss 15" Inch Pizza Stone for Grills and Ovens Ceramic 70137

Do pizza night like a Boss! The Pit Boss 15” Ceramic Pizza Stone is made from durable ceramic, designed to create the perfect cooking surface for all your baking needs. Use the Pit Boss Pizza Stone with any grill, oven, or microwave. It’s the best choice for homemade or premade pizza and works perfectly for creating crispy French fries, baking fresh cookies, or round crunchy quesadillas for the family – all at once. The ceramic material conducts and distributes heat evenly so you can say goodbye to heating hotspots. Achieve a fully cooked and deliciously crispy crust without the fear of burning - every time. The Pit Boss 15" Ceramic Pizza Stone features easy lift handles. You can conveniently move the stone from the hot surface to your dinner table with ease. Use in your Wood Pellet Grill or Charcoal Grill to infuse real wood-fired flavor into your pizza. Safe for use in barbecue or oven. Also perfect for baking bread, biscuits, or rolls. Care Instructions: Hand wash only. No seasoning is needed; the non-stick coating develops naturally with use.


• Made with durable ceramic material
• 15" diameter
• Safe to use on grills, ovens, or microwaves
• Evenly cooks pizza crust to perfection
• Built-in easy lift handles
• No seasoning is needed
• Hand wash only