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Mr. Bar-B-Q Reusable Grilling Mat Black Non-Stick High Temp Surface 06012Y

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Mr. Bar-B-Q Reusable Grilling Mat 06012Y

Now you can make saucy wings, eggs, cheese fries and more right on the grill with this handy reversible grilling Mat. The best part is you can reuse it over & over again. It handles temperatures up to 500°F and prevents burning food and flareups giving you no messy grill grids to clean.


• Ideal for seafood, eggs, saucy and chicken wings and small vegetables
• Forget enameled grill to clean
• Avoid flare-ups and burning of your food
• Handles temperatures up to 500 DEGREEF (260 degreeC)
• Reversible and ideal for use with smokers, gas and charcoal grills and in ovens