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Mr. Bar-B-Q Old Barrel White Wine Barbecue Smoking Chips 12.7 Oz Bag 05041BC

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Mr Bar-B-Q Old Barrel White Wine BBQ Smoking Chips 05041BC

There's nothing like wine made from Palomino grapes. Winemakers age them for years in oak barrels, and out comes a light dry white wine with a delicate color and fragrance. The barrels keep the taste and aroma, so we use the wood to make barbecue smoking chips. Now, you can enjoy that great wine flavor and aroma in your next barbecue.


• Bring something new to the grill with BBQ white wine chips
• Made from real white wine barrels these are sure to give any variety of foods added flavor that is unique and delicious
• Approximately 360 grams of chips packed in a resealable bag