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Mr Bar-B-Q Cast Iron Fajita Skillet and Platter Set 06108Y

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Mr Bar-B-Q Cast Iron Fajita Skillet and Platter Set 06108Y

The Mr. Bar-B-Q Fajita Skillet and Platter Set includes a cast-iron ribbed fajita platter with a hot handle cover and a wooden base server. The ribbed fajita platter is made of heavy cast iron that absorbs and retains heat to keep your fajita meat sizzling for serving. The cast iron is pre-seasoned and designed for even heat distribution. The ribbed platter with a pouring lip helps drain away unwanted fat and grease. Use this set for amazing results with fajita preparation on the grill. Heat safe to 800°F, and naturally non-stick through proper traditional cast iron seasoning, this set will become an often-used favorite for fajitas — and many other culinary creations — in the kitchen and on the grill. Measures approximately 15.6" x 7.8" x 2".


• Ribbed platter with pouring lip for draining away unwanted grease
• Includes a cast iron skillet with handle, wood base server, and protective hot handle holder
• Ideal for serving sizzling fajitas and more
• Pre-seasoned and distributes heat evenly
• Includes wooden base server and hot handle cover