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Legally Addictive Foods The OG

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Legally Addictive The O.G. Cracker Cookies 4.7 Oz

Part cracker & all cookie, these gourmet cookies come brilliantly alive on every breakfast table, inside every cookie jar & into every travel backpack. An Ideal Choice of Cookies for This Holiday Season & Beyond Based in Brooklyn, NY, Legally Addictive is a woman-founded endeavor that quickly grew to become a business with America-wide sales. This variety pack of Everything Cracker Cookies & our widely loved OG Cracker Cookies are a holiday-season improvement that lasts through the New Year. This blend of two favorites makes these crunchy cookies a fitting partner for a mug of winter beer, a cup of hot chocolate, a fresh brew of wake-me-up coffee or even an evening glass of red wine! The Finest of Ingredients, Handmade into Happiness - Cracker Cookies use the crunchiest crackers to go with slightly-salted handmade toffee & premium, sustainably-sourced Belgian semi-sweet chocolate. Every Cracker Cookie ever sold is handmade to perfection, so that you get the same, comforting taste you expect from every single bite! 


• PART CRACKER, ALL COOKIE: The sweet crunch of crackers & the loving warmth of gourmet cookies, all rolled into one delectable bite; Legally Addictive OG Cracker Cookies pack a world of comforting tastes & refreshing textures
• BEST OF BOTH WORLDS: Try both the Everything Cracker Cookies & the original see-sawing flavors of our OG Cracker Cookies; A perfect blend for any occasion or no occasion at all!
• HANDMADE TO PERFECTION: Move over factory-floor, run-of-the-mill crunch cookies, because it’s time for our carefully crafted, deliciously handmade Cracker Cookies to shine; Crunchy gourmet cookies for every American pantry
• PREMIUM INGREDIENTS: Legally Addictive OG Cracker Cookies feature nothing but the finest ingredients available; The goodness of crunchy crackers is complemented by handmade toffee, rich Belgian semi-sweet chocolate & just a hint of sea salt
• BE WARNED, YOU’LL WANT MORE: Legitimately addictive, one order of these crispy, crunchy cookies may not be enough; Lauded by many, adored by more, OG Cracker Cookies are now just a click away; Click ‘Add to Cart’ & hop onto the flavor train.