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Kosmos Q Soak & Brine For Pork 16 Oz Tenderize Moisturize KOS-PRKSOAK

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Kosmos Q Soak & Brine For Pork 16 Oz Tenderize Moisturize KOS-PRKSOAK

Pork is one of those tricky meats that can dry out pretty easily if you aren't careful — and one of the best ways to prevent that is to soak it in a delicious brine. Kosmos Q's Soak & Brine For Pork enhances the natural flavor and juiciness of your pork and helps elevate its own flavors. This blend has a lot of darker tastes that are perfect for pork, like brown sugar, honey, and just enough Worcestershire powder to give it a slightly bitter-rich tint. Let ol' Kosmo tenderize that pig for you with the tastiest brine you'll ever use. You'll love the flavor, and you'll have enough for 6-8 butts of pork or 12 rubs.

Mixing Instructions: Mix 3/4 cup of product to 1/2 gallon (64 oz.) of liquid (water, chicken broth, or whatever liquid you prefer). Shake well. Soak pork chops, ribs, or roasts anywhere from 2-24 hours. The thickness of the cut will determine how long to soak the meat in this brine. Then rinse well and bake, smoke, or barbeque. The result: world-champion-worthy BBQ! INGREDIENTS: Salt, Brown Sugar, Spices, Honey Powder, Worcestershire Powder, (Dextrose, Salt, Hydrolyzed Soy & Corn Protein, Citric Acid, Caramel Color, Natural Flavor), and less than 2% Soybean Oil & Silicon Dioxide added as processing aids. Contains: Soy. 


• Enough for 6-8 butts of pork or 12 rubs
• Adds Tons of Moisture and Flavor
• Perfect for Home or Backyard Use
• Re-Sealable Bags
• Mixes in Seconds
• Made in America