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Kosmos Q Soak & Brine Chicken Soak Mix Sugary and Savory 16 Oz Award Winning

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Kosmos Chicken Soak Brine Mix Sugary and Savory 1 Pound

The key to amazing chicken is just a click away; in fact, forget everything you knew about chicken until this moment right here. With enough mix to soak up to 8 chickens, this brine mixes in seconds to add a whole new sugary and savory dimension to your poultry. With chicken so moist and tender you could cut it with the handle of your fork, Kosmo's Chicken Soak Brine is the difference between meat mediocrity and grilled greatness.

Mixing Instructions:

Enough for approximately 5 lbs (parts or whole bird). Mix 3/4 cup of product to 1/2 gallon (64 oz.) of liquid (water, chicken broth, or whatever liquid you prefer). Shake well. Let chicken parts soak for at least 4 hrs. and whole chickens for at least 6 hrs. Adjust to personal taste as needed. Rinse excess off thoroughly after soaking. 

INGREDIENT STATEMENT: Salt, Brown Sugar, Spices, Worcestershire Powder, (Dextrose, Salt, Hydrolyzed Soy & Corn Protein, Citric Acid, Caramel Color, Natural Flavor). Contains: Soy. 


• Enough for 6-8 Chickens
• Adds Tons of Moisture and Flavor
• Perfect for Home or Backyard Use
• Re-Sealable Bags
• Mixes in Seconds
• Made in America

This listing is for one (1) one-pound bag of Chicken Soak Brine.