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Kosmos Q Pork Injection 16 oz.

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Kosmos Q Original Pork Injection 16 Oz Mix KOS-PRKINJ

Nothing says "heaven on earth" quite like tender, moist pork ribs, and loins — and nothing makes them tender like a premium injection. Using a special home blend of all-natural salts and spices primed for maximum moisture retention, combined with the smoky sweetness of brown sugar and top-quality pork stock, brace yourself for a pulled pork injection that gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "fall-off-the-bone." Perfected by a competition pitmaster, FOR competition pitmasters, there aren't many other clear-cut ways to secure your throne as Ruler of the Grill than to discover this injection mix. You know your ribs are headed in the right direction when you choose Kosmos Q Pork Injection! Their special blends set them apart from the competition by a long shot, and with award-winning results. Mixing instructions are based on making 7 lbs. of pork. Simply mix 1/3 cup of the Original BBQ Pork injection with 1-1/2 cups of liquid. Once mixed into a liquid form, simply inject the seasoning into the meat in a few different spots using the injecting tool of your choice.


• A 1-pound blend of signature spices mixed with moisture-retaining components to form a succulent unique taste 
• Simply mix 1/3 cup of the Original Pork Injection with 1-1/2 cups of liquid — such as water, broth, or favorite juice — enough for 7 lbs. of pork
• Inject the seasoning into the meat using the injecting tool of your choice
• Enhances the flavor and moisture properties of pork
• Award-winning, and proudly made in the USA