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Jealous Devil Onyx Heat Binchotan Charcoal Carbonized Under Extreme 20 LB Box

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Jealous Devil Onyx Heat Binchotan Charcoal 20 LBS JDONYX20

Devil Onyx Binchotan Charcoal is made through an ancient Japanese technique dating back thousands of years! It's done by carbonizing the charcoal under extreme heat (OVER 2,300 DEGREES F) in special kilns for several days. The process gives Binchotan its distinct rock-hard metallic feel and whitened surface. Binchotan is different than other charcoals because it is reusable. You can extinguish it with water. Let it dry, and then relight it with no significant loss in structure or performance. Binchotan also burns uniquely hot because it produces FIR (Far Infrared) heat. And Binchotan Burns without smoke or flames, providing exceptional culinary control. See below for more features and specifications.

Features and Specifications

• Carbonized Under Extreme Heat Using An Ancient Japanese Technique Dating Back Thousands Of Years
• Can Be Relit And Reused With Minimal Loss Of Structure Or Performance
• Incredibly Hot Burn Produces Far Infrared Heat, Which Seals In Flavors And Provides Evenly Cooked Insides And Outsides
• Burns Without Smoke Or Flames, Providing For Exceptional Culinary Control
• Crafted From 100% Pure, Dense South American Hardwood