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Gozney Dome Steam Injector Black Made Releases Perfect Amount Of Water For Steam

by Gozney
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Gozney Dome Steam Injector Black

Create more moisture in the oven when baking bread for longer rising dough and even crispier crusts. A black anodized aluminum funnel with a cork top, engineered with precision to inject just the right amount of water into the oven and create steam on entry. Used in conjunction with the Dome’s rope-sealed door, the steam injector creates a moist environment in the oven, preventing the bread from forming an outer crust before having the chance to fully rise. The result is a light, airy loaf that rises for longer and forms a crispier crust.  Please see below for more features and specifications.

Features And Specifications

• Create A More Moist Environment In Your Oven For Bread Baking
• Anodized Aluminum Funnel With Cork Top
• Prevents Bread From Forming An Outer Crust Before Rising
• Injects The Perfect Amount Of Water To Create Steam On Entry
• Must Be Used In Unison With The Dome Rope Sealed Door For Desired Effect