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Gozney Dome Rope Sealed Door Black Made Of Durable 304 Steel For Heat Retention

by Gozney
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Gozney Dome Rope Sealed Door

Turn your Dome into a bread oven or slow roaster with our Rope Sealed Door. Built from ceramic-coated 304 steel and double-walled for extra heat retention, the Dome’s rope-sealed door makes it easy to control the temperature, amount of smoke, or steam in the oven with its easy-slide adjustable vent. Combined with The Dome’s thick stone and dense insulation, the rope-sealed door creates the perfect cooking environment for baking, smoking, or slow roasting over long periods. Please see below for more features and specifications.

Features And Specifications

• Made Of Durable 304 Steel
• Double Walled For Extra Heat Retention
• Creates the Perfect Cooking Environment For Baking, Slow Cooking, And Smoking
• Black Door Blends In With All Dome Designs
• Do Not Install The Door While The Gas Burner Is Lit