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Gourmet Warehouse 6 Oz Applewood Smoke Seasoning & Rub Old West Flavor GW-ASSP

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Gourmet Warehouse Applewood Smoke Seasoning & Rub GW-ASSP

As opposed to hickory or oak wood, applewood imparts a mild, subtle, sometimes fruity smoke. Brown sugar, garlic and other spices make the perfect compliment to the layers of smokiness in the versatile flavor of applewood. This spice rub is a wonderful mixture of brown sugar, garlic other spices including the Old West flavor of applewood. You can use this seasoning to enhance other Gourmet Warehouse products like their marinades or BBQ sauces or on their own. Its make a great companion to meats, fish, and vegetables of all types.


• Unlike walnut or oak wood, apple wood imparts a soft, subtle and sometimes fruity smoke.
• Brown sugar, garlic, and other spices make the perfect complement to layers of smoke in the versatile applewood flavor.
• A great rub for ribs, pork butt, or chicken
• Perfect for the grill, smoker or oven
• Made in South Carolina