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Fire & Flavor Hero Charcoal Refill Pack of 2 FFG2

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Fire & Flavor Hero Charcoal Pod Refill FFG2

Environment friendly, and instant light Hero Bamboo Charcoal Briquets are ready in 10 minutes and deliver over 60 minutes of cooking time. Use these briquets to refill your Hero Charcoal Pods making it simple and easy to keep using the charcoal trays provided with your Hero Grill.


• The durable, eco-friendly Hero Charcoal Pod is compact for stackable storage and no mess compared to bagged charcoal briquettes.
• Hero Charcoal Pods are made of earth friendly ingredients that are low VOC, making them an environmentally friendly fuel choice compared to petroleum based alternatives.
• Hero Charcoal Pods are quick to extinguish by pouring water over the pod.