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Dizzy Pig BBQ Company Ghost Chiles Seasoning Savory Tasty Hot Rub 6.7 oz. Bottle

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Dizzy Pig BBQ Company Ghost Chiles Seasoning Savory Tasty Hot Rub 6.7 Oz Bottle

Over the years, Dizzy Pig's Swamp Venom and Jamaican Firewalk have earned a strong following from heat-loving fans. However, they hadn't had an offering for the true "die-hard" chile-heads. That all changed in 2015 with their offering of Ghost — the flavorful rub packed with super-fresh smoked Ghost chiles. Wildly hot and addictively savory, Ghost offers you a tasty blend to complement chicken, fish, pork, and beef — but to be more specific, hot and spicy lovers will include it on EVERYTHING. The piquant scents and flavors of this seasoning elevate the natural "umami factor" of delicious grilled meat and help develop the perfect crust on a stove-top skillet. Dizzy Pig's hot, savory spice blend is perfect for anything you want to take to the next level — both in flavor and your taste bud thermometer. Complement your grilled or pan-seared sensations with Ghost today!


• Very spicy heat level with Ghost chilies
• Balanced and savory flavor
• Perfect seasoning for chicken, pork, seafood, vegetables — EVERYTHING you wish to elevate with heat and spice
• Ideal for flavoring pan sauces and countless other dishes too — chili, dips, casseroles, soups, and stews
• All natural ingredients — and made in the USA!