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Da' Bomb Ghost Pepper Extremely Hot Sauce Spicy 22,800 Scoville Units 4 oz.

by DaBomb
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Da' Bomb Ghost Pepper Extremely Hot Sauce 4 oz.

This sauce is infused with one of the world's hottest peppers - the Naga Jolokia or "Ghost Pepper". This sauce contains zero pepper extract - just pure natural heat! The "Da'Bomb" line of hot sauces are made with all-natural ingredients and certified non-GMO, gluten-free, sugar-free & keto. Da'Bomb sauces are designed and distributed in Kansas City, Kansas. Right here in the U.S.A. The Da'Bomb line of hot sauces should be consumed in small quantities and kept out of reach of small children.


• Extremely Hot Sauce Made From Pure Ghost Peppers
• An All-Natural Sauce No Preservatives Or Artificial Flavors
• This Hot Sauce Rates At 22,800 Scoville Units
• A Sauce Meant To Be Enjoyed In Small Doses
• Made In Kansas City, Kansas Right Here In The U.S.A.