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Blonde Beards Chicken & Waffles Buffalo Sauce with Cayenne & Maple 8 oz Bottle

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Blonde Beards Chicken & Waffles Buffalo Sauce 8 oz

The Blonde Beard's Chicken and Waffles Buffalo Sauce is a take on the classic hot wing sauce, but better. Maple syrup, fresh garlic and real butter work together to create a smooth, slightly spicy sauce, with the perfect amount of sweet! Milder in heat with subtle notes of maple syrup, this sauce is perfect for wings and perfect for the whole family.


• Inspired By The Southern Dish
• Maple and Cayenne. A Southern Tradition With None of the Cousin Kissing
• Smooth With a Touch of Sweetness
• Made With Butter, All Natural, Gluten Free and Vegetarian
• The Smooth Finish Makes this Sauce a Family Favorite