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Bear Mountain Gourmet Blend Balanced Sweet Smoky Flavor Cooking Pellets 20lb Bag All Natural Premium Hardwood BBQ Smoker

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Bear Mountain Cooking Pellets - Gourmet Blend

When it comes to a perfect balance of flavor with a rich smokiness, these Gourmet Blend pellets will bring a subtle, sweet flavor to enhance meat, fish, and veggies.  The Bear Mountain Cooking pellets feature low moisture to give you the perfect smoke and can be used in all outdoor pellet, gas, charcoal, or electric grills and smokers.  The Gourmet blend is a perfect go-to-mixture for any meat, fish, poultry or vegetable making this one of the most versitile flavors of cooking pellets.  Each bag weighs 20 lbs, and is made in the USA.  The Bear Mountain Cooking pellets work well in many of the large name brands like Traeger, Pit Boss, Louisiana Grills, and Green Mountain Grills to name a few.


• 20lb Bag of Gourmet Blend
• 100% Premium All-Natural Hardwoods
• No flavorings, fillers, or additives
• Low Moisture for the perfect smoke
• Use with all outdoor Pellet, Gas, Charcoal, or Electric Grills and Smokers
• Made in the USA