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Bear and Burton's W Sauce America's Worcestershire All Natural and Gluten-Free

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Bear and Burton's W Sauce America's Worcestershire

In 2020, in the midst of a global shutdown, two out-of-work professional fishermen with tons of time started playing with a 100-year-old family recipe for Worcestershire. The original recipe was handwritten and tattered, ingredients were crossed out and changed for generations. Now the world is back and Bear And Burton's W sauce is on the shelves. It truly is America's Worcestershire. It's Bigger Better and Bolder than any sauce with that name! 

Features and Specifications

• A Reimagining Of The Classic Worcestershire Sauce
• Bigger, Better, And Bolder Than Any Other Worcestershire Sauce
• Made In Small Batches To Ensure Quality
• An All-American Sauce So We Call It W-Sauce
• Made All-Natural And Gluten-Free