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BBQ Spot Pork Poultry Rub Seasoning Buffalo Sauce Pack Pitmaster Collection

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BBQ Spot Pitmaster Collection 3 Piece Gift Set Box 2 Rubs and 1 Sauce OW89071

The most fun you'll ever have rubbing your meat! Do you want to take your backyard grill game to legendary status? BBQ Spot's Pitmaster Collection was developed to provide you with a 3 piece sizzling assortment of championship flavors to help make you the cookout king of great BBQ! Gift set includes one 6.2-ounce Rub Some Rib, one 18-ounce Rub Some Chicken Buffalo Sauce, and one 6-ounce Rub Some Chicken. All delicious and each blend ready to take your culinary creations to the next level. This set makes a great gift for the BBQ enthusiast — or for yourself. Rub Some Rib features notes of honey and Sriracha for pork. Buffalo Sauce offers a spicey, wake up the tastebuds flavor, and Rub Some Chicken brings savory herbs and garlic to your plate.


• Delicious 3-Piece Gift Set featuring two rubs and one sauce
• Rub Some Rib Seasoning (6.2 oz/176 g)
• Rub Some Chicken Buffalo Sauce (18 oz/510 g)
• Rub Some Chicken Seasoning (6 oz/170 g)
• A great gift for the BBQ enthusiast — or for yourself