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Airscape Big BBQ Bucket Lid Insert W/ Degass Valve & Fresh Port 12 Inch BPA Free

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Airscape Bucket Lid Insert With Degass Valve And Fresh Port

Whether you're storing coffee beans, BBQ pellets, pet food, or compost, the Airscape Bucket Insert is designed to keep anything fresher for longer. The bucket insert turns a normal 5 gallon bucket, or any ~12 Inch diameter bucket, into your long term storage solution. The genius behind the insert lies within the degas valve and the Fresh Port. The degas valve allows for contents that emit gasses such as CO2 to self release. The Fresh Port allows inert gasses to be pumped into the bucket to protect moisture and oxygen sensitive goods. Materials sealed under the bucket insert can be absolutely protected from moisture, light, and oxygen. Get the Airscape Bucket Insert and keep your goods impeccably fresh, or maybe even start roasting and storing your own coffee beans. Please see below for more details and specifications.

Features & Specifications:

• Fresh Port Technology Allows For Inert Gasses To Be Pumped Into Bucket
• Degas Valve Allows For Controlled Release Of Gasses Like CO2
• Good For Storing Coffee, Livestock Feed, Pet Food, Compost, and More
• Fits Any 5 Gallon Bucket Or Any Bucket With ~12 Inch Diameter
• Protect Goods From Moisture, Light, and Oxygen
• Easily Place In Bucket With Squeeze Handle Mechanism