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3" BBQ Pit Grill Thermometer Cooking Dial 550F Temp Gauge Smoker Temperature New

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This 3" stainless steel bbq pit thermometer is perfect for home or commercial use! This is a top-quality gauge with accurate readings, stainless steel construction, and will read temperatures from 50-degrees to 550-degrees Fahrenheit and provides the ideal temperature range for smoking, barbecuing, and searing your foods. With a 3-inch face, it is easy to read, and the stem is 2-1/2" long. It will work in almost any grill, smoker, or BBQ pit, you just need a hole that the 1/2" male threads will screw into or a hole just slightly larger (about 13/16") that the threads will slide into which will allow you to screw the nut (included!) to tighten it down. Ships in a sturdy, cardboard box to ensure that the glass will not break in transit.


• 3" Face
• 2-1/2" Stem
• Nut Included
• 1/2" Male Threads
• Accurate from 50-degrees to 550-degrees
• Provides Ranges for Smoking, BBQ, and Searing
• Top Quality Stainless Steel Construction