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Butcher BBQ Private Seasoning Signature BBQ Rub Seasoning Gluten Free 12.9 Oz

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Butcher BBQ Private Seasoning Signature Blend

Butchers BBQ Private Seasoning comes from what Butchers like the most. This rub has the proper amounts of savory spices to highlight the beautiful flavors needed from any cut of meat. Use it as a steak rub or for the old school of low and slow cooking. For our Competition Seasonings Butcher has chosen the best quality ingredients they could. To ensure the finest taste it's required that these are to be hand-blended in small batch productions. These seasonings will work with anything you cook including seafood, vegetables, beef, pork, chicken, and wild game. Comes in 12.9 Ounce bottle.

Features & Specifications:

• BLENDS WITH ANYTHING - It excellent taste gives the authentic barbeque flavor to the meal. It increases the overall food tang which makes the day. It melts perfectly into the food. Can use it as a steak rubs
• BBQ GLUTEN AND MSG FREE PRODUCT- All our products are gluten-free. It is essential for keeping diet healthy and hygienic
• RE- SEALABLE PACKAGE- It comes with a re-sealable pack to keep the seasoning fresh and healthy. Customer can reseal the pack which will prevent spillage and aroma will be well maintained
• INGREDIENTS - Sugar, salt, thyme, garlic, onion, smoke flavor, coriander, rosemary, cilantro, black pepper, red pepper, molasses, and paprika
• HOW TO USE- Just spread on the seasoning the on the meal. Cook the delicious food. It gives the awesome mouth-watering taste to remember