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100% Plum Wood BBQ Cooking Pellets 20 lb Bag 100% Natural Sweetness Knotty Wood

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Knotty Wood Almond BBQ Pellets - 20lb Bag

Created by the Knotty Wood Barbecue Company beginning in their backyard in Woodland California.  Being surrounded by the beautiful California central valley Knotty Wood BBQ company had the opportunity to grill with a unique flavor that you cannot find in any other pellet.   

Plum wood pellets give off a wonderful balance of plum sweetness coupled with a distinct smoke profile without any bitter taste.  

These plum wood pellets burn both hotter and cleaner than other wood pellets due to them being a higher dense pellet and is perfect for all meats.


• Created in California
• 100% Pure and Natural Plum Wood
• Produce Clean, Sweet Smoke Flavor
• High-Density Pellet
• Burns Hotter and Cleaner