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Pickles Under the Ginfluence Cucumber Pickels 24 oz. Jar

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Pacific Pickle Works Pickles Under the Ginfluence Cucumber Pickels 24 Oz Jar

You probably thought you had tried everything until you heard about these Pickles Under The Ginfluence. Lightly gin-soaked and seasoned with fresh rosemary and jalapenos, these tongue-tingling dills will send your tastebuds to another level. Add them to anything you wish, or eat 'em right out of the jar. Ingredients: Cucumber, water, organic distilled vinegar, jalapeno pepper, sea salt, organic raw sugar, gin, fresh dill, fresh rosemary, juniper berries, spices.


• 24-ounce jar of delicious Pickles Under the Ginfluence Cucumber Pickels
• A flavorful pickle with a unique crisp and zesty flavor
• The perfect crunch accompaniment to any sandwich
• All natural ingredients with pickles fresh from Pacific Pickle Works farm in sunny Santa Barbara, California
• Perfectly seasoned with a brine of gin, rosemary, and jalapeno