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Kosmos Q Original Beef Brisket Injection 16 Oz Mix KOS-BFINJ

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Kosmos Q Original Beef Brisket Injection 16 Oz Mix KOS-BFINJ

When it comes to grilling the perfect brisket, there's one brand that more and more competition pitmasters worldwide are choosing to use as their prize-winning secret weapon...that's Kosmos Q's Original Beef Brisket Injection. Using a proprietary blend of salts and gums to retain moisture, while enhancing the brisket with natural beef flavor, it's like no other injection you've ever experienced. Kosmos Q has revolutionized the way grillers throw meat. With an unmatched savory blend, there's no beating a Kosmos Q beef brisket injection. Kosmos Q took the liberty to go ahead and make the best beef injection available — amazing for shoulder clods, roast beef, wagyu briskets, or competition briskets, and more. Their special blends set them apart from the competition by a long shot, and with award-winning results. Mix 1/3 cup of product to 2 cups liquid (beef broth, distilled water, or whatever liquid you prefer), enough for 14 lbs. beef.


• A 1-pound blend of signature spices mixed with moisture-retaining components to form a succulent unique taste
• Simply mix 1/3 cup of the Original Beef Brisket Injection with 2 cups of liquid — such as water, broth, or favorite juice — enough for 14 lbs. of beef
• Inject the seasoning into the meat using the injecting tool of your choice
• Enhances the flavor and moisture properties of beef brisket
• Award-winning, and proudly made in the USA