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Jack Daniel's Pork Rub Seasoning 11 Oz. Original No Msg Gluten Free JD00117

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Jack Daniels Pork Rub 11 Oz

Jack Daniel’s has always had respect for charcoal. After all, that’s what makes their whiskey so special. Jack Daniels has used charcoal to give their whiskey its signature flavor since there founding in 1866. Their spicy and sweet pork rub is crafted with a subtle hint of natural mesquite flavoring and spices like paprika, garlic, and sugar to give you a unique, bold flavor on pork products. You can use this spicy and sweet rub to season anything from pork ribs to pork butt and everything in between. Jack Daniels special blend of seasonings adds a kick of flavor to pork or any other cut of meat you feel like smoking. Wow your friends and family with your culinary skills when you use Jack Daniel's Original Quality Pork Rub.


• That perfectly complements all of the Jack Daniel’s Barbecue Products
• Pork rub that adds a spicy, sweet flavoring to smoked or grilled ribs, pork butt, or any other pork product

• Best used to season pork butts or other cuts of meat before smoking or grilling
• Gluten Free
• No MSG