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Cackalacky 5 oz Jack Pepper Hot Sauce Fiery Chile Peppers Collectors Edition

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Cackalacky 5 oz Pepper Sauce Fiery Hot Pepper Collectors Edition CACK-JACKCS

The exact same sauce as our regular Cackalacky Pepper Sauce - with their limited reissue Cackalacky Jack trademark logo & deluxe gold foil label! An all-natural blend of fiery chile peppers and our Famously Original Secret Spices, Cackalacky Pepper Sauce is a nice spicy complement to traditional cookout fare such as pork barbecue, fried chicken, slaw, and baked beans. Weighing in at an approachable 3-3500 Scoville Heat Units, Cackalacky Pepper Sauce flavor profile pairs especially well as a dipping sauce and topping with the everyday family menu.


• 5 Oz
• Pairs well with Wings, Tacos, Cocktails, Omelets, Seafood, Salads and much more
• All-natural blend of fiery chile peppers and their famously original secret spices
• 3-3500 Scoville Heat Units
• Perfect dressing, dip, topping, and marinade